Monday, June 4, 2012

Using My Opinions and Rewards Central to Max Your Payout

Today I want to discuss one of the strategies that I use to make the most out of doing paid surveys. And that is utilising the relationship between My Opinions and Rewards Central.

Firstly My Opinons is one of the better online survey sites in Australia. Unlike most survey panels there are actually three ways to make money at My Opinions:

1) Doing Paid Surveys
You get fairly regular surveys to do and they generally fairly short and pay out at a reasonable level of points per survey.
2) Play the 'Instant Win' Game
Free to enter once per week - click a square and win between 0 and 500 points
3) Refer Your Friends
If you tell your friends about My Opinions you can earn 200 points per registered person.

Secondly Rewards Central is probably Australia's leading online rewards program web site. There are 8 ways to make money from Rewards Central

1) Doing Paid Surveys
You don't get many surveys, but when you do they are usually pretty good.
2) View Emails
Rewards Central send out a daily advertising email and if you click on the ad to view it you get 10 points (or 2 entries into their Win $10,000 competition)
3) Daily Ad ClicksRewards Central will let view and click on ads once per day - you get 2 points (yay)
4) Play the Free Guessing Game
Pick some numbers and if you are lucky you win up to 4000 points
5) Respond to Offers
If you take up advertiser offers you get reward points
6) Shopping Rewards
Purchase from selected reward partner retail web sites - shop and get reward points
7) Refer Your Friends
If you tell your friends about RewardsCnntral you can earn 200 points per registered person.
8) eBank
If you deposit your reward points into the Rewards Central eBank you earn interest on the points balance.

With all that info covered, here is the little strategy for maximising your return from these two web sites. My Opinions allows you to transfer the points that you make on that site into a Rewards Central Account. This means that not only can you accumulate enough points to make a withdrawal faster but you can also take advantage of the interest you can earn in the RewardsCentral eBank with all your earned points.

I set up my My Opinions account to automatically transfer my points when the total gets to 100. The I move the points in Rewards Central into a short term deposit in the eBank. When I have a larger amount I will deposit the points for a longer term to get a better interest rate.

Another point to remember is that the processing fee for withdrawing money at Rewards Central get smaller when you transfer larger amounts into your bank account. At the time of writing its 3300 points for $30 & 10,100 for $100.

  1. Set up an account with My Opinions
  2. Set up an account (using the same email address) at Rewards Central
  3. Use the points transfer to automatically send points from My Opinions to Rewards Central
  4. Transfer all points tothe Rewards Central eBank
  5. Withdrw the money when you get to 10,100 or $100
 Of course you could also save the points to bid in Auctions on the Rewards Central web site.


Anonymous said...

My Opinions have now increased to 1500 points the minimum number of points you can transfer to Rewards Central. It could take some time to accumulate 1500 points. I contacted MO about not letting members know about this change and I was told "Unfortunately it is not always possible to provide advance notice of every change to every member". BUT they know every member's email address when they send offers!

Anonymous said...

My opinions has now removed the transfer of points to rewards central all together :(((

Anonymous said...

You can't even transfer at all now. I guess too many people were transferring, banking and cashing out quickly. I know I was getting close to 1k a year from them.

Anonymous said...

where do i go to transfer points on the website?