Saturday, July 26, 2008

Ciao Surveys - on the slide

I am getting a bit disappointed with Ciao Surveys.

They send a lot of survey invites. Unfortunately of late most of them seem to be a 20 minute survey for $0.93. It doesn't usually take 20 minutes but its still alot of work for that level of reward.

I have moved them down on my recommended list of paid survey sites.

3 'Focus' Groups this week!!!

One of the bonuses for being registered on a survey panle is that you will get invites to attend 'focus groups.' This is basically a session where you will sit in a faciliated session and talk about and give feedback about a product. I have done car test drives, chats about exporting, radio stations etc.

This week I had three invites paying $30 plus dinner, $120 and $70 all stemming from being registered on the Lightspeed survey panel.

Guess who won the $50 M in OzLotto on Tuesday Night?

There was $50 million up for grabs in OzLotto on Tuesday night. I saw that two people in Western Australia were sharing a $26 million prize.

I didn't have time to go to a newsagent to buy tickets so I used the $5 credit I had for signing up at OzLottories to buy the tickets. I was very impressed with the how easy it was. There was an automatic email confirmation with my numbers in it, and after the draw even an email that had checked my numbers against the Ozlotto draw numbers and worked out that I hadn't won anything.

Hopefully next time, it will tell me I am the next lotto millionaire...... (dreams)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

New Paid Survey Programs Worth Joining

Three survey programs worth joining:

'Your Voice' is a survey panel run by AC Nielsen.
For completing surveys you will receive e-points and entry into ongoing competitions, including a $15,999 Mazda 2 every 3 months. I have been participating in 'Your Voice' for quite a while now and in the past I have traded the e-points for Coles vouchers.

'Market View' is a new survey panel run by I-View. Doing their surveys get you points that you can use to buy things from their online store (including gift vouchers)

I have just added these to the complete list of survey programs that I am recommending in 2008.