Thursday, June 14, 2012

Australian Mystery Shoppers - How You can earn an extra 5-10% for each assignment

If you have been doing Mystery Shopping to make extra money or a small part time income then you will know that every dollar you can get makes it just that extra bit worth it. So here is a fairly simple way to add an extra $1 to every assignment that you do without having to do any extra work.

When you conduct a Mystery Shop you are normally required to prepare a written summary of the shopping experience to complete the assignment.

'Word of Mouth Online' (WOMO) is an Australian customer review web site that pays you to provide reviews of stores and services. As a Mystery Shopper all you need to do is take the short summary (100 words) from your mystery shopping assignment and edit/paste it into the business review on WOMO and you get 100 points (equals $1).

They pay you in gift cards from iTunes, Westfield, or WISH that you can use at Woolies, Big W etc. After joining I had enough points (2000) in no time at all to get my first $20 WISH gift card.

Word of Mouth Online
Earn an Extra $1 for each Mystery Shopping Assigment

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