Sunday, September 27, 2009

Review of 'Power Home Income System'

Review: Power Home Income System

The statement 'Earning an Income from Home' sounds very alluring doesn't it? I wonder what the attraction is? is it the freedom? the flexibility? or just the option of working in your pajamas?

From my own experience of working at home, I know that it doesn't necessarily equate to the nirvana that this statement portrays. One of the secrets is that you need to be very clear on why you want to work from home in the first place.

You also need to get yourself very organised in particular with your hours of work because once you start 'working for yourself' it can consume your whole life. Remember that family you once had?

Anyway, on to the subject of the review of 'Power Home Income System'

I am going to have a look at this program over the next couple of days and write a review.

The promo says: 'Discover how the Power Home Income system can set you up to get cheques every month from companies like and other Internet giants. Request your Free Information Kit with all the details today.'

Cheques every month eh? from Amazon eh? we'll see about that.....

If anybody else has feedback / experience with this program, please let me know.

Update: 29/09/09

Not a great start :(

The registration page for this program asks you for an email address and a phone number. After the registration page you get to a page with a toll free phone number to ring which advises you will be directed to a short message that describes the program.

Rang the number, which transferred to a US based call centre and was advised that operating hours are from 8am to 8pm and I should call back then adn was then disconnected.

Will I / Should I bother to ring again?

Update 02/10/2009

Well I got a call from the 'Power Home Income' Call Centre

You speak with a guy (mine was Kane) who screens you and then introduces you to a recorded message. The message basically tells you about 'affiliate marketing' It gives a reasonable picture of what it is, where its come from, and the hugeness of the market now, but they certainly aroused my 'know it all' gene when they claimed 'Amazon' invented it.

Basically their offer on the recorded message is that for a fee they will set you up with a web site and some affiliate programs from Amazon, Yahoo and some other electronics store that I hadn't heard of.....and wait there's more, for the gold package at only $500 US you get to be in their affiliate program too.

At the end of the call the guy you talked to quickly introduces you to his associate, he called her the 'account manager', but 'the closer' would be more accurate. She tries to get you to say 'yes' to some previously covered points, tells you they can have you earning money in minutes, and then gives you a 'got to do it today' line and then asks 'how would you like to pay?'

I love a slick and determined sales process as much as anyone...but seriously.

They want me to pay $500 US for a web site with some links to affiliate programs that I can sign up to on any day of the week for free?

For all I know they might have been going to make me a fortune and give me that 'work from home' dream. But they hung up very quickly when I asked about 'Option D' - don't think so....

BTW, if anyone is interested in how you can actually make money with affiliate programs, just email me or check out my web site, where you will find information on the niche content micro web sites that I am developing to make money. I'd love to show you how to do it and I promise you won't pay $500, its all free :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What are the Best Survey Sites to Join?

Perhaps the first question I always get asked when someone asks about paid surveys is which one's are the best to join?

Well, here is a little paid survey scoresheet I have put together based on my own experience.

If you have an opinion on these or another one I haven't reviewed, I'd love to hear it.

Eating Chips & Getting Paid, I feel so dirty.....

Been trying real hard to stick to a 1500 calorie diet, then along comes a focus group to eat potato chips...1000 calories in one sitting. At least I got paid $40 I guess.

Join the panel at Taylor Research for this type of opportunity.