Monday, May 24, 2010

Tax Focus Group Paying $80

See contact details in email text below.....

Ref: Job 12946
Paid Market Research Opportunity - $80

Is this you or anyone you know?

We are looking for people in employment who are in a married or de facto relationship with a partner who receives an income less than $8918 annually to take part in a focus session about calculation of the Dependant Spouse tax offset.

Participants must prepare their own tax returns and ideally use TaxPack or any other paper form rather than eTax.

Regretfully we cannot invite you to participate if you have taken part in paid research at the ATO on any topic in the last 6 months.

The focus sessions are 90mins in duration and will be held in the Brisbane CBD during business hours on Thursday 27th May or Friday 28th May - you will receive $80 paid direct to your bank account as a thank you for your participation.

This research is to help the ATO make their processes more user-friendly - please be assured that your personal details are not required for participation. Its just research and most people enjoy it!

To register your interest please email including name and daytime phone number OR phone 33857252 and leave a message including the same information if we don't answer immediately.

Thanks for reading this and please forward on to anyone you think may be interested and eligible.

Warmest regards,

Sally Eberhardt
State Manager QLD - Taylor Research Services

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

$20 EB Games Voucher.....from Survey Village.

Arrived home late last night and checked the mail box at around 9pm.

It was a nice surprise to pull a letter out with a $20 EB Games Voucher in it.

Now $20 isn't a whole lot of money I know, but for my 2 boys it means they can each buy a Playstation 2 game. EB Games have quite a good selection of PS2 game still for $10 each.

This is the third voucher I have received survey village since joining in October 2009. They don't send me a lot of surveys, but the ones they do send add up to a $20 voucher quickly. You can Register for Survey Village here.

Monday, May 17, 2010

We're Hiring Blog Posters NOW! @RealWritingJobs

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If anyone has tried this and would like to provide feedback, please do so....

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Get Paid to Play Video Games

Only 4 Gamers, is a web site that is telling me I can get paid up to $30 an hour to Test Video Games, sound too good to be true?

Well getting paid to play video games is something I could live with, and heck I could have made lots of money in the decade I lost to Diablo and Starcraft back in the 90's....

Anyway I am giving it a try and the review is here: