Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Which Mystery Shopping Sites to Join?

I have been doing quite a bit of mystery shopping over the last month. I have been finding that you can make about $100-150 per day if you get yourself organised.

You'll be testing the sales performance of retail shops, liquor outlets, fast food, and test driving cars....you'll get cash and sometimes you get to keep products or have a free meal.

Which ones would I recommend joining?
  • Hoed (much better since they upgraded their web site)
  • GapBuster (easy, lots of assignments)
  • Retail Mystery Shopping Australia (lots of assignments)
  • Coredata (not so many assignments, but the rewards are really good)
  • The Realise Group (not as easy to use as the others, but still has quite a few assignments)


Sabrina said...

I have a question regarding Mystery Shopping. Do you recommend me to get an ABN or do you think I should use my TFN?

Nigel Martin said...

Hi Sabrina, thanks for your question and I hope make some money and have lots of fun doing mystery shops :)

Firstly, I guess I should start with 'this is a question best answered by your tax accountant and depends on your own circumstances....etc'

I try to use my ABN where I can, but some Mystery Shopping companies don't give you a choice. Using the ABN lets me claim deductions on motor vehicle expenses and other things like mobile phone bills etc.

But if you haven't already got an ABN then then you would need to check with the ATO about what the threshold is in annual revenue that is required to claim expenses. When I started out with an ABN it was that you had a few years grace, but then your business needed to have more than one source of income and a revenue of more than $20,000 per year to claim expenses.

All of that said, I think everyone in Australia should have an ABN, just because the tax system is so much in your favour if you do....so get one their FREE :)