Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Some money from Ciao

I have previously blogged that Ciao (Greenfield Online) was a bit miserally in the amount they pay for each survey. In fact they do offer many surveys that are listed as being 93 cents of a 20 minute survey.

In recent weeks I have noticed a few surveys with higher amounts such as $5 for a 15 minute survey and $3 for a 10 minute survey.

So I have done a couple of these and frankly if you have been doing surveys for a while the time quoted to fill them out is very much on the high side. While I was at it, I tried a few of the 93 cent ones (yes, I was bored:) and they didn't take anywhere near 20 minutes.

So although I still wouldn't recommend that you do the 93 cent ones if you have anything better to do, I guess its a better return for your time than playing texas hold em poker on facebook......

I have just transferred $17.65 to my paypal account from Ciao (Greenfield Online) for maybe 1 hour of survey doodling over about the last 2-3 weeks.

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