Monday, June 8, 2009

Mystery Shop at very popular cafe

Fancy a free lunch or dinner at a popular cafe, plus get paid $25?

On Saturday I took the family for lunch at a popular international brand Cafe (can't say the name) on the Gold Coast to do a mystery shop. The shop covered having a drink at the bar, an entree, main meal and dessert, and then making a purchase from their gift shop. (Allowance for the shop was $15 for the bar, $85 for the meal and $20 for the gift shop)

The meal was very nice and everyone had a great time, all up it was a great way to kick off a long weekend. I had to complete a post shop survey of about 120 questions and write a brief overview of my opinion of the cafe and service. Payment was $25 for this.

I can't publish the name of the cafe or the agency that organises mystery shops for cafes and restaurants on the Australian Paid Surveys blog, but if you would like to find out, send me an email.

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