Thursday, November 22, 2012

Make Money Sending / Receiving Letters - Australia Post Study

How would you like to earn some money each week for receiving or sending some letters?

Sounds like a SCAM hey?

Well actually in this case, NO it isn't.

Anyone know that little organisation called Australia Post? Seems they still deliver letters around Australia to every business and residential address. And they need to keep a careful track on the performance of their mail delivery service around Australia.

To achieve this they have recruited a team of Senders and Receivers around Australia who send and receive a few mail items and record the time it takes to get from one place to another and in what condition the mail piece arrives.

Senders and Receivers earn $12.50 a week and get paid $150 every 12 weeks.

They contract this through a firm called TNS GLOBAL.

They are currently recruiting for Panelists (Senders & Receivers) and If you are interested in this opportunity send them an email to

Something like this:


I am interested in participating as a sender or receiver in the Australia Post Study.
I live in XXXX and my contact details are: YYYYYY


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