Monday, December 21, 2009

Cheque for $54 from Global Test Market says 'Merry Christmas'

Well its that time of year again....
 It was really nice to get a cheque from Global Test Market for $54 to wrap the year. Just when I needed it too, Now I can buy ME a present :)

Both Global Test Market and Valued Opinions are sending a lot of surveys right now (at least daily).

All the Best to you and yours.......


gean yuzon said...

you really deserve to get one...for all the hard works and the help you've shared...very much thank full to know you..this site is really meant for you..happy new year!!!!

Red said...

I have been registered to these 5 top survey sites for many months. I am yet to earn any amount to be able to get any rewards from all 5 of them. I am also registered with 10 other survey sites, that are apparently the best sites to earn rewards. In all of these many months of being registered I have only been able to redeem one (1) $20 voucher. I use up all my internet 5gb in opening all of these survey sites. I am unbale to leave my home from being a victim in an armed hold up.
As for the focus groups, I am 52 years of age, that almost always excludes me as I am not in the target group of the young. They say this is not so, howver I have tested this and it is so, as these sites only think it is the young that will shape our future. I have two daughters that are 22 and 19, therefore I have a good knowledge of what I hope for the future of my children. I am not an old thinking 52. It will be interesting if this gets published. I have questioned every survey site with the same queries and I always get the standard answer. I am not part of the target group. I am alive, I have a mortgage, I pay my bills, I shop at supermarkets, I buy goods and services, I own many products in my home. red jenny

Nigel Martin said...

Hi Red Jenny

Thanks very much for your honest and frustrated feedback. It really is a good reminder that this survey stuff is just for extra money and not a serious way of earning money.

The demographic thing sounds like it is making it harder for you, but seriously with focus groups I have been to, the ages of participants varies greatly.

I read your blog and I just can't even begin to imagine how that has affected you. I hope you find resolve soon.

I don't whether I can help, but I am happy to try...

Red said...

Hi Nigel Martin, thank you so much for your thoughts. It is 3 years from 8th Jan 2010 since I was held up. Woolworths really do not care, hence how long this has dragged on.
Seriously they have spent more money on lawyers than it would have cost them to pay me out, 3 years ago.
The silly thing is they are not disputing they are in the wrong, of which they have acknowledged by offering me money. The sad thing about this other than the detrimental affects on my life and the life of my children, they think my life is worth nothing. They are yet to find out exactly what has happened to my life since that night.
The next step is mediation, government provided, so as not to waste the courts time, by court I mean, The Supreme Court time and a Judge.
Woolworths lawyer and representative at my only settlement conference openly and deliberately discriminated against me in regards to my age and physical capabilites.
That did not be unrewarded with an email from me to their lawyers.
To sum up before I go on forever, lol, Woolworths and big companies like them would rather spend all the money they can to beat the every day person down. Sadly the percentage of those that give up are 99.9%, it is only the very few like me that will not let them beat us down. If it is not resolved at mediation, it is off to the Supreme Court we go. Then it is in the public domain, with newspapers, tv etc there willing to publish or/and air these types of stories.
Woolworths 'think' that I am just someone that worked for them, in their ignorance they do not know who I know and where these people work, that I know. It will be publicised all over Australia with me at the helm. But they don't care, they just want to beat down the average person.
Anyway sorry to go on however perhaps you can understand my passion in this regard, to add, this is not just for me, it is for every other human being, not just a staff number.
Thanks again for your compassion.