Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Review: Survey Village

I haven't joined a new survey panel in a while, lets have a look at this one....Survey Village.

Says I can earn Vouchers from 12 online and high street stores, I hope it includes David Jones gift cards, they make great christmas presents....

Sign up is a two page form with contact details, asks what sort of market research you are interested in doing, I clicked everything, you can always say no when they contact you....

At the end of the sign up pages they send you an email confirmation, says look out for an email from Penny (such a nice name don't you think?)

When it arrives (took about 5 seconds), click on it and entered a password and you are ready to go.

Fill in the profile Section

Next step is to fill in the profile section (this is important because its how they work out who to send jobs to)

My First Assignment:
Now I am waiting for my first assignment.....let you know when it happens.

Update (28/10/09)
I have received 2 surveys from Survey Village so far, One for 300 points, other for 500 points. You get 10 points for a screen out.

100 Points are worth $1 and with 2000 points you can order a $20 gift voucher from EB Games, The Good Guys, Sussan, iSubscribe, Mitre 10, ABC Shop, Rebel Sports, Sanity Music, Angus & Robertson, Sportsgirl, Supercheap, Hoyts, or iTunes.

The 500 point survey, which is essentially $5 in value took me 15 minutes to complete. I guess thats not too bad...



Melissa Kimber said...

These guys changed their terms and conditions without notice causing many members to lose their points and then cancelled the accounts of people who complained about it.

Melissa Kimber said...

Survey village recently changed their terms and conditions causing people who had bern saving their points for longer than 18 months to loose them. Without notice. They just made you agree to their new terms before you could access your account. My mil lost her points. My hubby and I were unhappy with their response to her email complaint so co I plained on her behalf on their facebook page our ccomments wrte deleted and several days later we were advised our accounts were cancelled because of our facebook complaints. Not nice I would avoid them.